Marked by innovation, craft brewers commonly interpret historic styles with unique twists to develop new styles that have no precedent.Fest of Ale
Craft brewers are congenial in nature and tend to have a distinct, individualistic and amenable approach to connecting with their consumer. Craft beer is generally made with traditional ingredients such as malted barley, hops, yeast and water combined with some interesting, sometimes not so traditional ingredients resulting in distinctive flavours unique to the makers. Craft ciders are estate grown, produced and bottled, relying on only all natural ingredients to produce the unmistakeable “fresh from the orchard” flavours and aromas. To craft brewers everywhere – We Salute You!

Save the Date – Fest of Ale 2020 – April 17 & 18

Best in Fest Awards

  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  You taste. You vote. You choose!

  • JUDGE’S CHOICE: ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best in Class’ as determined by a panel of esteemed industry experts


Craft beers and ciders are viewed by many as one of the special things in life that makes the day taste and feel a little better!


Each glass of craft brewed beer and craft cider displays the creativity and passion of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients.


Craft beers & ciders are more than merely a fermented beverage, but something to be enjoyed in moderation, shared and revered!